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Aliveness and Harmony

On Jan 3, 2014 Jyoti wrote:

 Absence of environmental stress makes it easier to relax into my natural state of being connected to my inner calm, and that is why I love being in nature. I find that when I am in a stressful environment (e.g. a hostile workplace) I tend to seek out calm places (the terrace garden or yoga class) as my escape and coping mechanism, to reconnect with my inner calm. This evening, I was dancing with family in a pre-wedding function, laughing and enjoying together, in the very same room in the very same house where just a little over a year ago, we were all gathered tearfully with heavy hearts to say our final farewells to the recently deceased matriarch of the family. The place is the same, the people are the same, the emotions are radically different and yet there is the awareness of the observer in me that is alive to experience it all, bringing the past sadness into the joyful present and letting go of both to cherish the fullness of being alive to experience it all. being alive is to experince life in all its colors, some light, some dark, each just as they are.    

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