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Aliveness and Harmony

On Jan 3, 2014 Sandra Bradley wrote:

 What  I have personally discovered is that my most intimate relationships (3 husbands) and my children (7) were my very best teachers.  Each one awakened in me many of my unfinished parts.  They brought to the surface, my everyday consciousness, aspects of my personality that hindered my awakening to all that I could be.  I tend to do things in grand style and invite learnings at a heightened state.  Suits my persona.  Now in my winter years I can only smile and offer gratitude for all the gifts they brought me.  Some I resisted holding on by my fingernails and protesting loudly. only react to what you know or what you feel or what you own.  Now in the winter of my years it is not my inner work that makes my life full of joy and blessings.  It is my inner work displayed outward in my silence, my feelings, my words, my energy of who I am becoming. 

On Jan 3, 2014 sandra wrote:

Wow that inspires me to what I pray for - God please help me keep my ears and mind open and my mouth shut

On Jan 7, 2014 Cindy wrote:

 Sandra, I liked you instantly. I too feel that these paths and people are teachers in Earth school! And that I am learning from them all. The lesson is love and be loved. Thanks for sharing...


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