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    On Dec 9, 2013 Jyoti wrote:

     We are boundaryless divine creatures who are socialized into living with boundaries as we grow. Children play effortlessly with other children but adults hesitate, judge, assess, fear, and associate with selected few. If we can stay connected to our inner child, we can stay connected to all, and wonder at the vastness of the universe that we are all a part of. A number of struggles in my life have come from being told that I don't get the concept of boundaries, but all the joys have always come from being infinitely bundaryless too, so I keep unravelling and enjoying it all.

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    On Dec 10, 2013 Always Love wrote:

     Amen and amen and amen to you.  Boundaries good and actually needed for order and function . . . I understand!
    Freedom to "play" within boundaries good (and actually needed) for proper mental health of God's children (us) . . . I, too, understand.

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    On Dec 11, 2013 Bharat wrote:

     Wonderful perspectives.  I think we have forgotten freedom and got so much carried away by "order & function"
    that it has started taking charge of our lives and unfortunately it has gotten so strong that as a civilized society we are afraid of, sometimes, even thinking free!  Jyoti's thinking sounds holistic rather than symptomatic treatment of our social issues in relationships.  I have always felt joy coming from childlike innocence or freedom as the sweetest joy!

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    On Dec 12, 2013 lfm wrote:

     Fences are designed to keep what is in in and what is out out!  
    I lived on an "odd shaped block" growing up.  The old homestead sat right in the middle of the block and 10 homes where build around it.  The family of 12 that had lived there were notorious for making bad choices again and again and again . . . to the point, their backyard was completely fenced in.  My dad was first, the fence along our back lot line was erected.  The 10 children, found "the hole".  A second neighbor did as my dad did, while the 10 still found "a hole".  This pattern continued with the other neighbors until the 10 no longer (without jumping over a fence)  direct access to any of our yards.  
    One day, Virginia, the mother of the 10, was out in the yard hanging laundry on her lines.  What song did we hear her loudly sing (she loved to sing) . . . . "Don't Fence Me In".  
    Just makes me think :  Be careful what you tuck through the hole of a fence.  Is it the kind of "gift" that makes one want to build up more fences/a higher more private fence . . . OR just get rid of that fence all together!

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