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Pablo Neruda's Greatest Lesson from Childhood

On Dec 6, 2013 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

We see what we look for and I tend to seek out connections from one to another. So, I experience the "unity of all living things" almost daily. I believe when we open our hearts and share our talents and gifts freely we create a unity. This can be achieved through actions small and large. Small = Free Hugs offered to homeless and to Strangers on street corners. Or it can be in a larger sense as we take what some may call a risk and share our skill set without monetary compensation. I was recently in Ghana where I donated literacy workshops for librarians and interviewed local "ordinary" citizens doing extraordinary things like creating their own think tanks to collaborate on bringing ideas to fruition. Everywhere I went I was taken care of. Librarians housed me and fed me, I couch surfed in the living room of a small apartment on a dusty road in Kumasi with a husband, wife and their nearly 4 year old daughter aptly named Praise; we cooked together, they made sure I knew Exactly where I was going each day and often would accompany me to the local transportation. Once on the local transport, strangers made sure I knew which stop was the right one and once, a passenger even alighted with me and took me by the hand to be sure I arrived safely. And then there were the children; everywhere I went, I heard them shouting out to me, "Obruni, Hello! How are you? I am fine!" then they dissolved into giggles. Sometimes they ran up to me and touched my skin. Always smiling. Always welcoming. And asking for Nothing in return. And it's not only with people. there was a stray cat outside the apartment in Kumasi. Whenever Hannah cooked, she tossed it scraps from the fish, bits of vegetable and the cat purred and knew it found a friend. Loving Kindness gives light to my poetry. and HUGS do too.

On Dec 6, 2013 Conrad P Pritscher wrote:

 Kristin, Hugs to you. You have my deep gratitude.Conrad


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