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In Giving I Connect With Others

On Nov 26, 2013 Ute Arnold wrote:

When I was born my country was in the middle of the 2nd world war struggles, and eventually lay in ruins, as was my parents' marriage.
As the fourth child no welcome was prepared for me, no ams wrapping me in warmth. But I was embraced by the Ur-Mutter, nature. Plants and animals became my dear companions while I learned that I could find the cradling arms in the healing forces of nature. They became my guides and teachers and provided a most fascinating class room. When I went to the beach  the sand castles I built were swept up by the sea the next day, and I learned that even beauty and creations transform and seem to disappear, like my mother had.
But every day was a new gift, and if I found a way of not becoming too attached to the physical form, but could carry the creative act of making something with the intention of beauty in my heart, it would warm me deeply, maybe more so than my confused parents would have ever been able to do.
I built my spirit home in the roots of the trees again and again...and they were always there for me, and still are.

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