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    On Nov 26, 2013 John wrote:

    I greatly appreciate the insight of this story.
    I also believe that we shout when we are angry so that we will not have to hear what the other has to say. In love we only need to whisper because the other in listening intently. Our anger at others can come from fear, our fear of the perspective / the paradigm that the other is offering as we see it as threatening to our own. We then distance ourselves and strive to make the other wrong, bad or even evil rather than honouring the other and deeply listening to understand. We hold the other responsible for our unpleasant feelings and blame them instead of taking responsibility ourselves for the quality of our inner space.    

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    On Nov 26, 2013 a wrote:

     Sweet!  Love to John (whispered). 

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    On Nov 26, 2013 Pratibha wrote:

     John, Yes it seems so.

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