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    On Nov 26, 2013 Richard Lane wrote:

     I have found that shouting while in anger has also caused the distance between two people to become greater over time and in my case that distance grew to the point where we were no longer able to find that path back to each other as was stated, and it ended in divorce. Twice !!! In listening to this I have discovered that within myself, in whatever relationship I was in at the time, I had a silent distance from the other person and it was that dissatisfaction, that emptiness that was at the root of the distance I felt when angered in any situation with the other person and as it was said, manifested itself in shouting when angered.  Find what causes your hidden distance, Disappointment, broken or realized dreams, unresolved issues, Unsatisfied with your life in general. These are the silent killers that will cause the anger and eventual separation and destruction of your relationships.

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    On Nov 26, 2013 Pratibha wrote:

     Yea Richard, LIfe is not such an easy journey.  Understanding oneself is helpful, as well as studying what life is about.  You can if you want to bridge that gap, get back in touch with a person after the anger has escalated. It takes a lot of understanding and it takes surrender. 

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