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Why Do We Shout In Anger?

On Nov 12, 2013 Sanjay wrote:

 Its good as a lesson but totally wrong. Why do dogs bark? Isn't it strange to separate us from animals? Its a typical stage of disagreement 9in human ) or insecurity ( in animals ) ; its just an alarm to show the other side that it must close mouth before me..or I should update to next stage of attack.. 

On Nov 13, 2013 A wrote:

 just yesterday, Kobe (our yellow lab) was barking at a large buck in our backyard.  While Kobe was wild in marking his territory, the buck ( standing a stone throw away) just stood there staring  . . . No show of alarm  . . .  Chewing  on a little snack.
I guess, my thought would be, the "bark" is as effective as "the audience" is sensitive to it.  (The buck, with his calm, was, in effect, saying, " this, too, is my backyard!")
Kobe quieted . . . Sat down a top our hill . . . Resolved to share his space and to enjoy the bucks company.

On Nov 13, 2013 PG wrote:


On Nov 13, 2013 J wrote:

 Back at you,


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