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    On Nov 12, 2013 Maya Vidhyadharan wrote:

     When I have shouted in anger in the past, it was hiding my deep sadness at disappointments in life, losses I experienced, fear due to money, health or relationship and most of all - forgetting God hears me. Forgetting I come here with nothing and leave with nothing, and I dont own anyone or anything other than myself.

    Once I realized change teaches me flexibility, tenacity and courage - I could relax more.

    Once I realized when I lose something, I make room for more love as the fearful attachment leaves me, I rest more.

    Once I realized my self worth does not come from another person agreeing with me or loving me, I relax more.

    Now I am able to give more love and give more love and do my emotional healing work on myself for my own progression. Somehow, things fall into place so beautifully even if I don't have much money or sometimes much health. Love is always there. The  right people find me - because I found myself through contemplating and feeling  my anger.

    It has been a work in progress - still is until the day of ascension.

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    On Nov 12, 2013 me wrote:



    Love to you this chilly evening! 

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    On Nov 12, 2013 david doane wrote:

     I appreciate your comments.  I say I don't own anything including my self.  Yes, we are a work in progress. 

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