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    On Nov 12, 2013 Byron V wrote:

    Sweet story. Perhaps now the saint will give instructions on how to deal with the anger? Yelling at someone in anger makes things worse, can lead to physical violence, but so does repressing/suppressing it  and "forgiving" too quickly, which can lead to psychosomatic illness. What to do? Anger is inevitable in life and is not "bad". Neither is sadness. These two emotions can heal if worked with appropriately. For instance, expressing the anger-in private- by hitting a punching bag and yelling, in order to release and reduce the energy of anger, or having a good cry to express sadness. There is a 99 cent kindle book available at Amazon which I found most helpful: "Anger Work--How to Express Your Anger and Still Be Kind". I'm not a shill--genuinely grateful for this wonderful book--only wish it was available in print so it could be more easily shared.

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    On Nov 12, 2013 Sandra Regenye wrote:

    What a strong story.    There is  poster in our office - 'Explain your anger, don't express it and you will immediately open the door to solutions instead of arguments' 

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    On Nov 12, 2013 Annette wrote:

     Sandra.......I  like that quote.   There's nothing wrong with feeling anger at all.  Even 'expressing' it if that means expressing it in a calm manner.

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    On Nov 12, 2013 Byron V wrote:

    Explaining it IS expressing a most healing way! 

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