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    On Nov 12, 2013 T R SOMAN wrote:

     The story is good.people quite often shout when they are angry.Shouting loudly will reduce their anger a little.Suppressing the anger may lead to some other complications later.But one should learn to control the anger by practicing meditation and yoga.

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    On Nov 12, 2013 Prakash wrote:

    Why Do We Shout In Anger? To put a special emphasis to stress our point of view (Sis. Pratibha) However in some cases the other person ‘switch off’ himself that is close his ears (Sis. Amy). Do not listen to our logically and sensibly expressed views and never realizes his mistake, as a result never says, “Sorry”. In truth that is the one and only one word we want to listen from him. On the contrary the more we stress our point the more he sticks to his way of thinking. From his point of view ‘You are wrong.’ When someone is angry, that is not the time to explain how he is going wrong. We are seeing the ghost of anger is riding over him. The poor fellow is a slave of anger himself. His anger wants the other person to suffer for either injuring his Abhimaan (Arrogance or Ego) or expressing sorry and repenting for his Apamaan (insult). As nothing is forth coming he shouts louder and chances are there that he may go for violence. Because now emotions are controlling him and not his senses (understanding)! So, when some one is in fire we should really feel mercy, empathy for him. And we should come forward to help him. But how can you help him? Naturally reacting to his anger is like adding fuel into fire. It is not help. He is peaceless, anger has caught him like a fire so what he requires is Peace, coolness of peace can extinguish the fire. If you give him the vibrations of peace and remain calm and cool with no arrogance as I am giving or helping him. Your image of embodiment of Peace will work wonder. But from where will you bring it (Peace)? If you are connected to the source of Peace, the Ocean of Peace and become a link between the angry person and the Source of Peace the vibrations will flow in every direction from you, he also will receive them. This is in fact a process of meditation. It requires regular practice for long time. Become a Raj yogi and accumulate abundance peace for such rainy day and help to uplift the distressed soul. The entire world is angry world, impatient world. So, more and more social spiritual workers are required. Come forward help yourself, help others.  BK Prakash Talathi  Email :  +91 9819348816

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