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Element of Surprise

On Nov 10, 2013 Ria Collee wrote:

When my car "died" last February I decided to try to do without one for one year. I live close to the center of town and we have reasonable bus service. There are still times when I feel: "oh bother" when I realize I need to do something that would be so easy to do if I had a car or when I am pressed for time.This morning I was running late for getting to the Friends Meeting  for worship but when there is no choice you just do it. One of the blessings is that you don't get tempted to use the car when you would rather keep your carbon footprint low. Cold morning but I had time to marvel at the beauty of the red/yellow/orange and brown leaves on the trees I rode past. Also grateful that at age 72 I can still get up those hills and getting the exercise will help keep my heart strong. Feeling very blessed

On Nov 6, 2014 Ale wrote:

That is great! An inconvenience brought you to be healthier and move more, I wish you more good health and good spirits  from this small change in your life!


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