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Element of Surprise

On Nov 10, 2013 Linnie wrote:

 The car parked across the footpath and into the driveway made it impossible for my wheelchair to pass using the pavement.  I called and called, but no one came, so I turned round and went back down the block to the corner where I could exit the pavement onto the road, and rolled up along the road, something I hate doing in the wheelchair.  As I passed the house that had left its vehicle so rudely across the pavement a huge drop of rain fell onto my glasses.  Momentarily furious, I shouted at the house as I passed - then was suddenly overwhelmed with joy:  for the rain, for the road, for the ease of my rolling wheels - how lucky I am, how fortunate to have all this and the senses to love it all - 

On Nov 10, 2013 Betty wrote:

 I love it when something seemly awful turn out to make me find my sense of humor and that brings joy!  Thanks for reminding me of the sweetness of joy!!!!!!!

On Nov 10, 2013 NiceNora wrote:

 I have seen people park like this and have often wondered if this has actually presented such an issue for someone in your situation. I am always tempted to leave a note on the windshield telling the car owner how disrespectful and rude they are for parking like that. I walk with my 2 small grandsons and have had to take them around cars like this. I think I would be so tempted to call 911 and complain about being block from getting through on the sidewalk. Good for you for going around.

On Nov 11, 2013 Linnie wrote:

 The children who have to walk out on the road like this always do worry me - they have to compete with the traffic instead of using the pedestrian footpath because there is no way round - and there was no way for me BUT to go back and use the road - wheelchairs don't take to bumping down kerbs kindly!  And I once did write a note to someone to put on their windscreen -  but then I could not reach it!  That did make me laugh at myself, always a healthy thing!


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