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Element of Surprise

On Nov 10, 2013 Carl Riedy wrote:

 inconveniences...  Taking the trash out, emptying the dishwasher, standing in lines at the pharmacy, anywhere for that matter provides us with moments to be mindful of the more difficult alternatives and our interconnectedness with the world.  For example, as one waits for a prescription, we have the opportunity to consider all who made this drug possible and be thankful.  As we do the mundane, not only can we offer it up; we can practice one of the fruits of the Spirit such as patience, we can connect positively with those around us and we can try to discover the presence of the Spirit in the world around us.
While I often fail and become frustrated, when I do focus the world is calmer, the event richer.

On Nov 10, 2013 brad wrote:

 Well put!


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