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    On Nov 8, 2013 Conrad P Pritscher wrote:

     The relation between the intensity of communication and the closeness of the hearts is a fine analogy. What also came to me was that as one's emotions become overly strong,  the intellect becomes weaker, and we do not understand that shouting often does no good and often does harm. We can transform the difference in space by consciously being silent before we speak or by continuing to be silent., and of course, by just being aware. When I was drafted into the Army, a day before my basic training began, I wrote the colonel in charge of the  personnel office so that I might get a better "deal" after basic training. I was called in by the master Sgt. who was evidently told about my lack of training about the chain of command, and that master Sgt. yelled at me for five or 10 minutes. I simply sat silent. I probably didn't hear much of what he was saying. Being aware of what one is and what one is doing is the key. That is no easy matter. I have been trying to be patient, and especially, a patient driver, for many years. I I notice that I get angry quickly one someone isn't driving the way I want them to drive. That is evidence of my ego problem which may still take a long time to correct since it is such a deep habit with me. It is also helpful to note that moderately strong emotions are fine motivators to bring about justice and to provide conditions so that more people may be aware off what is good and what is not good without being told. Hopefully, I can continue to work on my impatience while accepting my limitations as I continue to work on forgiving others and myself. Thanks for the opportunity to respond. Warm and kind regards to everyone.

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