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Do we Use Thought, or Does Thought Use us?

On Oct 29, 2013 Mish wrote:

thoughts just passing through...letting them go...not giving them power .   

On Oct 29, 2013 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 When I am fully present to what is happening in my mind and or before me I feel free form my neurotic patterns of thinking and feeling. I am with it. I feel connected with me and with others without feeling bound by my thoughts and feelings.I can describe my experience as a flow of energy.When I am not in the flow, thoughts about my past a nd at times about the future pop up. I mindfully let them come and go. This way I am able to feel more energy and am able to do things better. In this free state of mind creative ideas show up and result in innovative actions.

Jagdish P Dave

On Oct 29, 2013 me wrote:

 I know this to be true for I have seen your brilliance of your creative mind and resulting innovative actions!  All for the Glory of God . . . not your own, I might add!  
One of Heaven surely smiling on YOU!  REALLY!  


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