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To Have Without Holding

On Oct 28, 2013 Lori wrote:


Left Behind

I was in love once
But never again
He was my soul mate
He was my best friend
Oh we would fight
And they were really ugly
But I loved him so much
And he was no catch
He was fine as hell
Hells what he put me through
Everyday no matter what
But I loved him
After ten long years of trying
When every word was like dying
My eyes so tired of crying
I walked away
Today I find myself hurting
Wishing he was here
I miss him so very much
My heart welled up in tears
I think of him everyday
Wonder how hes been
Has he found a new love
Has he found a new best friend
I'm pretty sure he has
I told you he's looker
I will never love again
I know this is true
Because I left my heart behind
When I walked out that afternoon.

©Lori Callahan 2013

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