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Do we Use Thought, or Does Thought Use us?

On Oct 27, 2013 a wrote:

 The most simple personal story I can share related to the seed question given would be:  Having a history of anxiety/panic, the evil one/ill thought "uses me" periodically when I'm on the road.  
I was driving to Madison (pulling a load of my son's stuff in assisting him in his move from Milwaukee), following my husband,who was driving before me on the highway. Thoughts came . . . I'm trapped, I cannot do this, how am I going to get out of this situation (you get my drift) . . . that USED ME.  
From experience, I USED THOUGHT . . . blasted cold air within the vehicle(to dry my wet with panic sweat face) . . . questioned "who would put negative thinking" in my head? . . . repeated the words "I can"! . . . until
God's truth returned in calm and assurance that, indeed, "I can" . . . "I could" . . . and "I would" finish the work I had begun!
Experience, too, tells me that ANY time/in ANY circumstance a disturbing thought or lie ONLY becomes our truth if we hold on to it.  Our "final thought" is the thought that carries the most power for us.  
We determine if we are "on top of" or "beneath" our own thoughts.  However, because I am a sinner, in the case of a spiritual attack on my thought, I have to go to my Father in Heaven to OVERRIDE.  

I am very thankful for the "reads" above!   You speak truth!  Loving you.

On Nov 3, 2013 smile wrote:

Thank you for sharing in an authentic manner. It helps others relate to their own state of mind and ponder on it. 


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