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When the Real Heart Breaks Open

On May 31, 2007 Timoteo wrote:

The adverb NOW has become one of my favourite words.If I could forget for a moment, all the words, pictures and images of the world and history and bear on my mind the clear IDEA of NOW, I think that an extraordinary change would occur.NOW is a powerful word.Eternity starts NOW.NOW never ends.Only NOW exists.God grasps the eternal NOW from eternity to eternity is NOW.Your NOW and my NOW is NOW.You and I live NOW.You and I can remember the YESTERDAYS.W e often dream of MORROWS.But we can only live in the Now and forever.We think NOW.We say a word NOW.Whatever we do is NOW.Things exist NOW.The HEAVEN exist NOW and forever.HELL is NOW and forever.Change is NOW.Decisions are made NOW.TRANFORMATION is NOW.SALVATION is NOW.PERDITION is NOW.Thank you Adyashanti for sharing about the word that has become one of my favourite words.

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