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A Guide To Life's Turning Points

On Oct 22, 2013 Mani wrote:

With due respect to Brian Browne-Walker, I felt that the Creative has done its work in this excerpt in this reflection. It is subtle yet relentless in yielding meaning to me. Not a word extra or a proposition out of place - just words and sentence structuring skillfully used to convey just enough and no more.  I am reminded of the Bruce Lee's character in the movie "Enter the dragon" where midway thru the movie he is captured and jailed by automatic shutters - When it happens he just sits in the middle of the room cross-legged and waits for the adversary to make the next move. Do less and not more - doesnt mean be lazy or disengage from action but be fully be aware and let things emerge. Dont strive to open the bud to a flower and yet tend to plant. Let the Creative thru you unfold to the world outward.

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