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A Guide To Life's Turning Points

On Oct 18, 2013 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 I feel centered when I am balanced. I feel balanced when i pause and not let myself  be swept away by  the pull and push of my desires and insistences. A simple example in my everyday living is eating. I have prostate cancer. I know cancer cells thrive on sugar. I enjoy eating sweet food especially when it is done with love and offered with love. There are two sweets-the food and the love. Instead of reaching out to grab the food, I pause and take 5 to 10 breaths to be centered. I thank the sever for offering me the delicious sweet food and gently put it aside. I apply the same stance when it comes to communicating with others and relating to others. The insistence on being dogmatically right and always right with no room in between is a sure way of causing pain and suffering within me and without me. Remaining mindful of the gestalt of myself has been very helpful to me for living with ease and joy.

Jagdish P Dave

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