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To Have Without Holding

On Oct 15, 2013 Ammi wrote:

 If you love it, let it go. Set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, it was never meant to be.

On Oct 16, 2013 ganoba wrote:

 when love is grounded in the body, is of the body then it is passion. All the laws of the perishable body then apply to it. When it is of the mind then it flows like water or the wind. It cannot hurt. When .it is of the soul then it is divine

On Oct 17, 2013 Mish wrote:

 I like this.  

On Oct 17, 2013 lfm wrote:

 So true . . . and beautifully put, Ganoba!
This is why God says He HAS to take the #1 place in our hearts.  I am married to my husband Matt 29 years, now.  He knows he is #2 and that he'll always be number 2 in Love.  No one can even compare to God.  
Our "beginning" and our "ending" not founded on/rooted in earthly love.
Earthly love, ideally, is to mirror that of heaven . . . a means by which God "touches" and secures people in this "earth walk".  And lets face it, this world/life, without God's physical show of love demonstrated . . . would be even more challenging than it already is.  Love covers the pain of our realities!
Amen, Ganoba!  Again, so true are your words!


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