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To Have Without Holding

On Oct 13, 2013 david doane wrote:

To me, "Loving with the hands wide open" and "having without holding" means loving without trying to control, possess, limit, change, or manipulate.  It means loving without goal or agenda.  It means accepting and enjoying the other, reveling in and for the other.  It means being open and vulnerable.  It means being immersed in the present without holding onto the past or worrying about the future.  It is a state of insecure bliss.  I've had some such times, and they are the times that I am most alive and living is most exhilarating.  We can develop our ability to love consciously, conscientiously, concretely and constructively by not trying, by developing our allowing and valuing of the other, and by developing our awareness of oneness with others which develops our openness to difference.

On Oct 15, 2013 Annette wrote:

 I love what you wrote.  The words 'insecure bliss' is what really stood out and make me squirm in my seat as it gave me at first this discomfort, then as I re-read it a few times, I got this realization of what you meant by it.  There's a freedom to experiencing this concept of 'insecure bliss' that makes perfect sense and I want to explore it further.  Thanks for that 'food for thought' as I'll be contemplating it throughout my day.


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