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To Have Without Holding

On Oct 11, 2013 navin sata wrote:

with my limited understanding its hard to put in the words "loving with the hands wide open" yet one can experience,unconditional love in all creation, and silent creator in nature,roaring huge waves in the sea,or gentle mountain springs flow,birds sings in blue,clear  sky ,sunshine on the  water[ song by john denver] new young flowers in the spring,or fall  seasons natures [rangoli] colors ,morning sun rise ,evening sunsets reminds me hands that paints the infinite sky,full,moon nights are all lovers of all ages favorite,starry,nights in desert,morning dews on roses,walking on beech in rain,in silence of our mind we all do exp.this unconditional love in our heart in our spirit in our inner and outer world [in harmony]we are all on our spiritual journey of life mother nature [earth]provide loving hands wide open. I came to conclusion long time a go 1,keep an open mind the things righteously  3.keep conscious clear by remembering goal and purpose of every action of human life, one can not complete infinite journey without infinite love.always love navin

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