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    On Sep 26, 2013 Thierry wrote:

    Dear Conrad. I have let your comment seep in and it's now quite obvious I must reconsider my position. Thank you for mirroring the fact that the want to dissolve contradiction only leads to further and more radical separation. I am usually a bit more attentive to context but I completely missed out on what the author was pointing at, shooting off in a direction the context didn't call for. I can see that this is symptomatic of a reluctance to bear with the discomfort or tension that goes with contradiction. That this wanting to achieve a false sense of peace deadens relationship, and leads to isolation.
    Thanks also to Krysztof for his suggestion about 'going raw' as opposed to 'going mental', an escape to avoid feeling those things on feels uncomfortable with under the skin. A movement away from what is that creates separation.
    And thanks to Amy for her appreciation of Britt's beautiful comment. It had me look more deeply into it. 
     Thanks to all who share this space.

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    On Sep 26, 2013 Amy wrote:

    Thank YOU, Thierry for being my Awakin Brother/Sister.  I look forward to this weekly publish and to reading you!
    United in "common denominator" . . . Separate in "numerator" (the unique part of the whole that we are)  
    Like a chain, we are linked together . . . strong and whole   

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