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    On Sep 24, 2013 Britt wrote:

     You in your you-ness and me in my me-ness. Skipping around the playground together holding hands. When the bell rings, you can be my teacher and I can be yours. When it gets cold outside, you can give me your sweater and I'll give you mine. Actually, lets just get one really big sweater so we can both fit inside and cuddle. But even if we wear the same sweater and we skip together in perfect rhythm. You stay you and I stay me. And you grow solid and strong like an oak tree. And I grow tall and beautuful like the redwood tree. And I watch you shed your leaves in autumn and grow new ones in the spring. Knowing that all the while your trunk is slowly growing. This is my promise to you. 

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    On Sep 24, 2013 Amy wrote:

     This is the most beautiful piece of poetry I have ever read!  Separate and united . . . most thankful for your words Miss Britt!  Keep writing!  

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    On Sep 24, 2013 Britt wrote:

    http://Www.dailyayurveda.comThank you Amy :) I have a blog on my website if you would like to read more of my writing. Most of it is about Ayurveda, but occasionally I write personal poetry as well. I really appreciate your feedback, it inspires me to write more.

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    On Sep 25, 2013 DrSew wrote:

     So true - separate is not the problem - we are all unique creative beings - I look at separation as an opportunity to be me - and the union of two or more - the magic of becoming one as you remain unique - What an awesome creation we all are, good, bad, ugly - we all have the opportunity to learn and grow to be more and more or .... not!

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