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Investigating Untrue Thoughts

On May 28, 2007 Alicia wrote:

I found this article extremely interesting and it reminded me of a poem I wrote last summer. When I re-read the poem I was stunned by the fact that it reads on this article. I hope you enjoy. Sit beside yourself and contemplate Hear your truthful soul pontificate About an ancient civil war within Between two images oft' viewed as twin The first, a kindred film projection Directed by neighborly perception An interpretative tale of your biography Still-life objective lens photography The second, akin to an indie film short Disclosing secrets you could not retort Diaries honestly guide this documentary Your story told when life and film marry You'd be stranded on the Isle of Paradox Where waves of truth crash upon the rocks Where life's lived on your terms alone Uninfluenced by opinions not your own The moral of this little story I'm selling Is that life is more than perpetual dwelling On what a neighbor thinks you should do Because he really hasn't got a material clue About the needs of she who lingers nearby Beneath your porcelain skin and azure sky But it's your job as the film's producer Enlighten the intermeddling seducer But don't let them define who you are Keep an eye on your motion picture's star It's a burden to choose which self to cast The one perceived or the star that's rising fast.

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