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Dropping That Drug

On Sep 6, 2013 a wrote:

 Born into a Catholic family and having ears "well tuned" to hearing God's word, I fell into anxiety and panic at the age of 30.  Wanting, so, to live according to God's "perfect" will and plan for me, I followed the "letter of the law" too closely . . . and the "letter of His Spirit" too distantly (I would say).  Though my, God given, personality (as described by my husband) is "fluffy and unconventional", my church (Catholic) is on the opposite end of the spectrum . . . NOT fluffy and VERY conventional.  (Most of my friends left the church for this reason. . . too RIGID)
Praise Be To God, however, in my Catholic Christian journey, the Holy Spirit FREED me.  He shifted my focus  from "religion" to "relationship".  Though I was already in relationship with God, I found my adult "church" experience and understanding limited and disabling.  (My dad used to say, the bigger the family, the more "rules" necessary for ORDER)  
 "Personal peace" (freedom from anxiety and panic) I found (in TIME) came directly from Heaven. In letting go of my "religion" (figuratively) and heightening my awareness of Jesus (everywhere . . . In all things and In all people), I eventually experienced "the freedom" that only God/ Jesus/ Holy Spirit can give.

Jesus,I have learned in my time spent with Him, is Fluffy and Unconventional, too!

In Him, I am free!

FYI:  I continue to worship God in a Catholic Church.   Eucharist, I am completely "dependent" on.  I never wish to be "free" of His Presence in it.  All of Jesus in all of me.  amen.   

On Sep 6, 2013 Pratibha wrote:

 Yes the state of 'presence' is the path of remembering the Divine within---called by different names....


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