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True Meditation Has No Direction

On Aug 22, 2013 Thierry wrote:

Thank you, Rajnikant. It is the first time I hear of Syadvad and what it says makes a lot of sense to me. I must remember to pray each day for steadfastness in my practice of watchfulness and inner strength to withstand those things I find difficult to cope with. It is true that such an attitude as the one recommended is the only one helpful. I am coming to realize that there is absolutely no sense and no benefit in opposing other viewpoints and asserting my own. This includes being somewhat judgmental as regard to people that do not share my interest for inquiring into consciousness. In a sense what this philosophy recommends is profound humility. A humility based on the realization that each one is at a different stage of development. Of course any serious teaching will recommend the same for the reason that that the other is fundamentally not different from me in his/her vulnerability. An easy thing to forget. Thank you for this helpful reminder.

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