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True Meditation Has No Direction

On Aug 17, 2013 david doane wrote:

 To me, "being awareness," means being one with pure awareness, that is, with no purpose or goal, no attachment, no trying to control, no manipulation.  I have only very brief moments of being awareness, and then I attach to some thought or concern or fantasy which takes me out of being awareness.  Attempting to get to true meditation means I have a goal that I am trying to get to, and having a goal that I am trying to get to is a problem.  It's not being awareness.  It is trying to get to true meditation rather than being true meditation.  The trying gets in the way of being awareness, and true meditation is being awareness which is without trying and has no predetermined direction or goal.  I believe that in true meditation I only know the direction looking back in hindsight. I only know where I have been and not where I am going.  If I have a predetermined direction or destination that I am trying to get to, I'm not in true meditation. 

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