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True Meditation Has No Direction

On Aug 16, 2013 Conrad P Pritscher wrote:

 Fantastic. Adyashanti's  statement says it all.  To paraphrase Thomas Keating: "The universe's first language is silence. All else is a poor translation." The only personal experience I can share is occasionally, actually very rarely, and only within the last year, have I noticed an exceptional peacefulness when I am just being aware with no goals or desires. I have not experienced being no one going nowhere but that is perhaps another way of saying being awareness. This unusual peacefulness was experienced after about 22 years of meditation. Meditation may be thought of as the M-word since any attempts to describe or explain it or not..  Being no one going nowhere I expect is a fine way to experience being awareness/peacefulness. There is no need to reconcile anything other than noticing many paradoxes exist when attempting to intellectualize being awareness. Thanks for the opportunity to respond. Warm and kind regards to everyone. I just read to watch again Obama said and I believe he is on the head. My statement too may be complete nonsense. I would like to suggest we have Ganoba write one of these weekly pieces. I have made copies of about three of his responses. Last weeks and this weeks Ganoba's  responses were also fantastic.

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