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    On Aug 2, 2013 david doane wrote:

    To me, " extinguishing the thinking mind in love" means to lay thinking to rest, give it a break, have it not be primary, not be in charge, be in the background, and even be forgotten, and simply be and be one with all that is.  There are brief  times when I have such a sense, and it feels peaceful, special, and even intimate.  I believe our oneness is love and during times when I have a sense of oneness I believe and sense that I am in this love -- but I don't feel loved.  I believe what Ram Dass says, that unconditional love exists in each of us, in our deep inner being, our undergirding, and connects us.  I believe, as I think Thich Nhat Hanh says, that we are interconnected and interdependent, interbeing in interisness.  And I believe and sense that being in that awareness and state of oneness is being in the state of love -- but I don't experience it as my being loved -- perhaps I simply haven't gotten there yet.  I believe that I and we can develop ourselves to be love by growing in and abiding in the awareness that we truly are inseparably one. . 

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