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    On Jul 30, 2013 Edit Lak wrote:

    You know this really resonated with me. I completely see in the ‘shouting’ and expressing some form of anger, or fear, releasing expression, or whatever, but either way a strong emotion, I don not condone for one second and say it is correct or proper behaviour, but I do see, completely see the action. You see I came from a distanced family, not connected or plugged into the love, or the showing of love, pride, cuddles or achievements – cold fish I think you would call it, but hey – they were mine. So my spiritual learning’s came from an early age from my own learning’s of different things and that continued on and off throughout my life. BUT, what I have noticed with me and some others is that when you get a bliss moment, and when one is seriously in harmony, so when one has to think outside of Eden or deal with people situations, bills, groups, or anything that breaks the happy bubble then some little devil pops out to of nowhere to show its ugly head, or the opposite side of what is being lived, the light and dark live together and that dark is the opposite of self bliss, but I think that is where the balance is. There is no such thing as super Guru or super-human everyone trips through reality and consciousness, or through the preserved ideas of ‘one awakening’, no-one is without fault or emotions. We are what we are, the most perfect species in the world with a tone of emotional baggage that we carry from day to day.. Normal, it is all normal, freedom of emotion to express is normal, that liberation to express is the normality, we need it to balance self and life, to suppress that or any emotion is an illness, to allow that moment to pass is a greatness, but greatness is only as great as is the moment!!! .. Now if you pull in front of me on the freeway with out your blinkers on and be discourteous, you will see and feel my othersider of dark emotion blurting and hissing out the window, yes that crazy woman is me, then after as a I calm myself with an Aum - hmm ;-)  ..  Some may say expression is wrong, but is it ??? Thanks for making me see ‘emotion is liberation’ and liberation is through emotions  - It is   xoxox 

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