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    On Jul 29, 2013 Jihan wrote:

     i very much appreciate this story. i feel it is easy to categorize things as good or bad (eg: laughter is good, yelling is bad) without giving full equity to all emotions. we are often encouraged to express only "positive" emotions while the living reality is that is we do not give expression to "bad" ones we are doing little more than repressing them. they must be fully processed to be of service, and to be fully processed they must be expressed. i do not think the guru was being manipulative, or using it as so obvious a teaching moment. the lesson is that if you live your emotion fully, fully embodying what is true for you in the moment, you can also fully move past that moment without any lingering energy from it, the purpose of each moment is to actualize your own unique reality having actualized your unique reality. the guru's doing so meant they were then able to fully embody the next moment and feel their full reaction to having been witnessed in anger, which for this unique individual was amusement at witnessing the shattering of the student's preconceived notions of what it means to be a guru. i love it

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