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    On Jul 26, 2013 Conrad P Pritscher wrote:

     Excellent. At a Z2 day Zen retreat in Ann Arbor, I heard the Zen master yelling at one of his students  who was studying to be a Zen teacher. I was shocked at first. Shortly after I thought  the Zen master,Samu Sunim, was acting and the  appearance of strong emotion was to test the trainee to see if the trainee could maintain his,emotion with the blast of emotion his teacher was giving him.  I'm guessing that is true also in the above situation.  When I am mindful I clearly control my emotion. When I'm driving in heavy traffic, or often even light traffic, I find I am very impatient – – I am quite emotional – – with drivers who don't seem to be driving as I wish them to drive.  If a Zen teacher were with me at the time, I would surely flunk the test. Even though I have been meditating for over 20 years, I would probably still will flunk the test since I am still quite impatient, but not quite as impatient as I was 20 some years ago. I noticed my impatience faster now than I did then.  Thank you for the opportunity to respond. May all beings be at ease. Warm and kind regards.

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