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Futility of Search

On Jul 12, 2013 Conrad P. Pritscher wrote:

 Thanks for the opportunity to respond. I thoroughly and strongly believe that one's ordinary accepting present experience is an extraordinary accomplishment. I have been practicing for over 20 years and only on a couple of   ccasions  have I felt   highly insightfully   peaceful while just sitting.  Insightful restfulness is  peaceful. This peace precedes happiness and I find I do not need to be happy in order to be peaceful.  I am also reminded of a mental stem learning which states: "Increase the tendency to allow things to happen rather than make them happen."  By noticing what is,  one has a greater chance of accepting what is. When I accept what is, I desire less and I am more peaceful.  This brief passage from an unknown author is an excellent summary of  wonderful, peaceful living. Warm and kind regards to everyone.

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