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On Jul 12, 2013 navin sata wrote:

 This article reminds me some one asking lord buddha I WANT HAPPINESS and lord replied just drope wants first then I ,whats left is happiness our true nature,restless mind has meny desires ,our senses are always going out ward ,.we need to turn them inward,sun is always shining behind cloud[want-want-want] we hear multi tasking is what people are lost in,and thinks that we are keeping up with modern world, we are connecting,shri krishna explains in geeta mind is our enemy and mind is our best friend.only quite mind can experience peace,happiness all positive virtues.lord shiva with close eyes gives knowlege to those whose I[ego]and wants are 0,when I am absorbed in nature of sunrise or sunset or starrey night it comes natural to be peaceful happy,may we all exp.this moment to moment always love navinchandra

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