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Bridging The Spiritual and Mundane

On Jul 10, 2013 Stacy A Rich wrote:

 Working on writing and networking with regard to both of these and the reality that we sometimes get "stuck" with tradition beliefs, core beliefs that are taught generation after generation. Bridging the gap between what we may have been taught, or are teaching our children and the opportunities we possess as human beings to explore our very personal Spiritual evolutions. It's a very exciting and as you've expressed, a critically important responsibility for all of us to insure the Love and Awareness are not exploitive or some sort of elitist idea. This misses the mark entirely, in my opinion. And those who are currently "in the business" of such exploitive realms continue to await the truths they claim to posses.  Love is inclusive by nature and does not survive unexpressed.  Stacy A. Rich

On Jul 15, 2013 amy wrote:

 Amen, Stacy!  You are right on!  Some people are denied love.  God sees. 


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