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    On Jul 6, 2013 Luv4all wrote:

     I didnt realise the interdependence need until i fell sick and needed support. In that time i knew how much dependent i am on others. It stayed with me and now i realise that whatever others do for me or with me helps me progress and not me alone.
    I always realised that compassion, love, simplicity and goodness give more happiness but living it all the time was difficult. I used to get caught in ambition and spend hours working towards my goals, strong ethics and put others in wrong or compete for progress etc. None of these are wrong, I did not have negativity or bad intentions anytime but there are times when you get pushed off from love, compassion and thining about interdependence while praticing these. It is about remembering these on top, each time and giving less importance to other materialistic success. It is also important to be thoughtful about being non-violent in every way, we miss this sometimes not realising that we hurt the other by our behaviour, words or actions.

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    On Jul 7, 2013 Dr.Kanhaiyalal Sharma wrote:

    The comment is realistic. When in you're in the womb of your mother you totally depend upon her. Even after your birth you totally depend on mother. She breast you when you're not able to express your hunger. When you grow up even you depend upon her. Even in youth when you're in full swing of your energy you depend upon your wife, colleagues, subordinates, superior officers and lot of other persons. It means you're never fully independent. Our whole existence depends on others though we seem to be dependent. Even our so called decisions and opinions  are influenced by others. We are interdependent and cooperative in our attitude and behavior and all actions. Thanks.

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