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    On Jul 5, 2013 M.V.R ao wrote:

     The whole world is suffering because of violence. This may be political, individual or otherwise. Everyone has under the surface a streak of violence, a streak which makes him revolt, which makes him rabid, which makes him slay and murder. But you must try to come out of this beast in you. Instead we are encouraging films, TV programs, digital games etc. with lot of violence and crime which is effecting the youth and children as well. This has to be stopped. It is easy to stimulate the baser instincts of human nature. To develop the higher instincts requires some kind of exercise or discipline. Compassion and fellow feeling are the qualities we should develop. Individuals, such as terrorists, who commit violent atrocities in the name of GOD are the worst kind barbarians. How to solve this problem is a big question. In addition we also find daily news about domestic violence, violence on women, violence in colleges and schools in the name of ragging etc. if we go on narrating, there is no end to the list.
    The whole universe is changing from moment to moment. Even we have brought huge change in our life style and many other aspects by using science and technology. But we continue to be selfish, jealous, ambitious, prejudiced, short sighted and suffering from disappointments, greed, lust, hatred, love, desires and anger as used to be even before the prehistoric days. We resist internal change. We need to make time to understand ourselves. But many of us have little or no idea who we are. We are under the impression that self knowledge should happen automatically or it should be for only retired people. Taking time to understand ourselves, enables us to develop internally. If we discipline ourselves - our mind and heart, if we get rid of the negative qualities mentioned above and nothing selfishness, and egoistic in us and when our hearts become purified with love and compassion and knowing the inter- connectedness of all beings, we are equal to God, and the whole world becomes heaven. Of course, it is very difficult to achieve! However I find there is lot of awareness in these days around the world, and let us hope at least to some extent some internal change in the human beings takes place - in tune with the universal change for a better society and in turn better world.-  Thanks.

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