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    On Jul 4, 2013 david doane wrote:

     I like the authors' emphasis that nonviolence begins with realizing that we are all one.  It is insane for me to be violent toward another part of me.  There are parts of me and there are other people that I don't accept or don't understand or are afraid of (often called the shadow side), but they are all me, and instead of being violent with those parts it is crucial that I get to know those parts, accept our interdependence, learn to cooperate, learn from one another, integrate, and allow the wholeness that we are.  It's important to learn that to disagree, object, and assert what I want or don't want are different than being violent, which is to intentionally be hurtful.  When my intention or motivation is to hurt, I'm being violent.  My understanding is that violence is not necessary, and we are violent out of habit and because it's easier to be violent than to be scared and vulnerable, or so we think.  It is possible to be direct and honest with compassion and without being violent, and it's crucially important that we learn to do that.

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    On Jul 6, 2013 luv4all wrote:

    Beautiful thought : it's easier to be violent than to be scared and vulnerable, or so we think
    Loved the message, thanks 

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