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    On Jun 30, 2013 Edit Lak wrote:

     I’m mesmerised… You know, I’ve gotten to mid life, scratching and screaming on the way – all in a good way  :-)  but living and relocating countries at a young age, new languages, no older siblings or anyone to grow my inner self with, but I did it, I did everything I believed in and I followed my soul to the fence- line of life. That fence-line is the safety zone of what I believed was my comfort and understanding zone, you know that place where you get to and say, ‘geez, I’ve done a lot, I’ve learned a lot and now it’s time to rest and let the young ones fix everything, well it isn’t a comfort zone and I was just like may many other people, a hypocrite in my own rite that stopped ‘being’. It’s only recently that I have realised that sitting on this side of the fence accomplishes nothing, but by breaking down the boarders and barriers in inner self, is the answer. If we do not keep on hearing and seeing the differences of ‘non-violence’ and violence in our actions, we forget our possibilities’ to change the negative into positive, If we do not do, we slip into the ‘lazy’ a bad lazy, a dividing lazy of destruction...  Well, If only this/these principals of this article/passage were only taught in schools, and were expressed verbally in open conversations every-where as practice, just as breathing is, then this world would be a different place to live in.  It really would be..  It would be the place we are all hoping for. This like the previous passage is ‘wisdom growing’, is true self growing, in one’s own space, from the wise life and experiences of those that are not scared of the fence-lines or boarders, and break free from them .. That living with the experiences give us the wisdom and knowledge to grow, to  pass through others, of our connections and next generations, for them not to have problems and struggles,  for all of us to accomplish peace ‘externally’ and ‘internally’..  Thank you for the giving and growing you offer, much appreciated with love..

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    On Jul 1, 2013 J wrote:

    I hear you!  Much wisdom shared . . . thank you . . . keep growing!  

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