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The Shambhala Warriors' Weapons

On May 31, 2013 amy wrote:

Seed question:
1 ~ I struggle with heightened/ hyper awareness of people and feelings around me.  I have the tendency to feel other people's pain and can sometimes hear what people do not say (real or imagined).  My compassion is rooted in what I "perceptive" (right or wrong).  Insight and wisdom balance me out.  Too much compassion can consume a person.   Knowledge keeps us from unhealthy imbalance.  Moderation in compassion (like all things) key.

2 ~ Both good and bad exist in hearts of ALL God created.  This is a good thing in that . . .  NO person can boast (either thinking/saying they are better/more pure than another).  We are all in this life boat together!  I am thankful, I know One who saves  . . . Heaven just a prayer away.    
3 ~ My dad would often quote, "God helps those who help themselves".  Dad's insight helped me to help myself that I may help others help themselves.

Thankful for you . . . lfm  

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