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The Shambhala Warriors' Weapons

On May 31, 2013 Conrad P Pritscher wrote:

I do not know how I relate to the interplay of compassion and insight into the interrelatedness of all phenomena.  I do not know how I process the notion of both good and bad existing in my heart.  The only story I can share at this moment about when compassion and insight balanced each other in my life is this moment as I write this.  I find "not knowing" to be very helpful in my life it to find balance in all matters.  It is easier for me to find balance when I cherish not knowing.. If I knew, it probably could be said, and I am a firm believer in Lao-tzu's notion that the way that can be said is not the way.  It is interesting for me to notice that the notion of good and bad is probably different from spontaneous un- notions (actions) of good and bad.  I am reminded that "we can know what is good and what is not good, and we do not need others to tell us these things." Thanks for the opportunity to respond.  Warm and kind regards to everyone.

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