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The Gentlest Thing in the World

On May 14, 2013 Tanja wrote:

Just yesterday i went to a meeting of three colleagues, one gentle and two very dominant in the conversation. Usually I struggle with how to combat their forceful natures and find myself becoming strident or controlling (and later, exhausted), but instead yesterday I decided to simply let the sparring and rising clamour wash over me, to sit back and see what I could learn. I am still struggling with how to find my authentic place in these kinds of seemingly overpowering exchanges, but what I did see yesterday is that at least when I am open and ready to learn, I can begin to observe myself to change for the better from an authentic, and surrendered place. This piece helped to affirm that I was on the right track, rather than that I had failed to 'win' as my ego was telling me. Thank you.

On May 14, 2013 j wrote:

 Yay, you!


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