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The Gentlest Thing in the World

On May 13, 2013 Timid+ wrote:

Finally the 'good' doctor walked  briskly into  the waiting room and from the air of commiseration and undisguised contempt with which he greeted his patients I fully understood how the lady felt and how disquieting it was to be unassuming and defenseless in the  midst of a crowd of somebodies. 

On May 13, 2013 a wrote:

 If one thinks himself/herself higher/greater than his or her neighbor, "a lesson" has yet to be learned.  We all enter and exit the world in the exact same way.  Our eternity is dependent on how we view ourselves in relation to God and our brothers and sisters.  Greater than . . . less than . . . or equal to?   
Chuckie, an old neighbor of my husband's family, was often quoted as saying, "If you think you are cool, you are really not!  You are dumb!"  (This stated when playing with buddies displaying "over inflated egos".)  Chuckie was right on!
As an added story:  My daughter in law has a very sweet and gentle grandmother.  My son's grandmother could be described as the exact opposite.  When the two grandmothers met for the first time last summer (at a bridal shower).  The quiet Grandma decided the dominant Grandma needed prayer.   Over inflated egos are very unattractive!  (There is no need to seek out friendships . . . when it outwardly appears you are your own best friend.) 
Praying for the doctor.  

On May 15, 2013 Mish wrote:

The "somebodies" are nobodies & the "nobodies" are the REAL somebodies ???  :))

On May 15, 2013 j wrote:

 Yup!  The last will be first :)) 
(Life on earth is not fair . . . God, The All Knowing One, IS fair . . . Life in Heaven will be beyond what any of us can imagine!)  
For now, I will try to enjoy my emptiness . . . my feelings of insignificance 


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