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The Gentlest Thing in the World

On May 10, 2013 Conrad P. Pritscher wrote:

 I was touched by reading this.  I often think I would like to be no one going nowhere, then I realize I'm only thinking that, and I am someone going somewhere.  I'm wanting to communicate my present experience to readers now yet I wonder if a blank space or no response would indicate being no one going nowhere.  But I realize indicating being no one going nowhere is only me indicating.  I'm reminded of Lao-tzu who said: "The way they can be said is not the way."  To paraphrase Gandhi: There is no way to being no one.  Being no one is the way.  I believe we are all one which makes me no one but that is me thinking that.  I forget if it is Pema Chodron or some other woman who wrote the book: Being No One Going Nowhere.  I highly recommend it.  Thanks for helping me come closer to being no one which is somewhat like being everyone which is like noticing we are all one.  Thanks for the opportunity to respond.  Warm and kind regards to everyone

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