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The Great Tragedy of Speed

On Apr 23, 2013 Sis Asha wrote:

Excellent posting. When I came to the BrahmaKumaris 26 years ago, I realised then that speed was not such a great thing. I was cooking lunch one day for about 20 souls who had gathered for a workshop. Being an Obstetrician, I was always used to speed. I started cooking also with great speed. At that time,I thought the senior sister would be impressed. After about an hour, the senior sister came to me and said that I should cook with love, peace and calm. I should cook with a gentle touch with no noise. I should be an angel cooking and serving the world. She said that my hurried attitude will go in the food and the souls will not be able to digest all those hormones of hurry and speed that went into the food. I immediately slowed down. I remembered the Supreme Soul and continued my cooking in a gentle loving atmosphere. Made a lot of difference to me. I felt light, loved and embraced by God. Om Shanti !

On Jun 20, 2013 Maya wrote:

 Sis Asha, that is a beautiful example of how we can slow down.  I think our Western culture hasn't quite caught onto this, but it's so much easier to embrace when one retires.  I do think the importance of slowing down is being accepted my the few, and I believe it will keep spreading. I hope so because I believe it's one answer to peace.


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