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The Great Tragedy of Speed

On Apr 23, 2013 Audrey wrote:

I often find myself feeling guilty for taking time to have time. This passage is very timely for me. My father just passed away a week ago, and it's funny, when something like that happens, everything in life gets put on hold. But even though a big change had happened in my life, I noticed how my own mind kept spinning, and I only allowed myself a week to fly back, be with family, and help with funeral arrangements and logistical things. At the funeral, I realized that taking time to just be and sit with all the feelings brewing up inside of me is so important. And not only that, but to take time to be present with my family. Born in a lineage of workaholics, I never really valued downtime. But I'm realizing now that if I don't take time to soak up the longer, more patient cycles that underlie our lives, then I am really missing out. By leaving parts of myself (the parts "that limp a little, the vulnerabilities that give us character") behind, un-addressed, and probably pent-up to come out at a late time, I'm just covering myself up with band-aids, and creating problems in the longer term. I'm glad I decided to take a little more time this week to be with my family. Thank you for this passage. It's a humbling reminder of the beauty in taking time to stop, see, listen, and accept things as they are. Life as it is. 

On Apr 24, 2013 madhur wrote:

 Dear Audrey,

I keep reading your posts and so I kind of feel like a friend who knows about some of your activities and thoughts. Your comment here is very useful as an addendum to the passage to bring the message out more clearly. I agree completely with your decision that slowing down and sinking in when so much is going through head is very important.
Blessings to you and your family. May all attain peace and your father's soul rest in peace.

Love, madhur

On Apr 24, 2013 Audrey wrote:

Dear Madhur,

Thank you for such a thoughtful comment and your touching words of support.

Many blessings to you as well!

With Gratitude,


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