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The Great Tragedy of Speed

On Apr 22, 2013 gayathri wrote:

 much gratitude to awakin for initiating these conversations/dialogue with oneself..

very full of truth reflections! how lucidly he describes our existential state of affairs...... love it.  
consciously or unconsciously....have never really befriended 'speed'.  to believe we have time -
this question brings up this thought that 'the hour belongs to everybody'.....and how do i get myself to
believe that the hour belongs to me....maybe by thinking that in the same given time....a flower could
blossom, a seed could be sprouting, a river is flowing toward the ocean....all with such gentleness and
constantness.  maybe a combination of nidhaana (slow) and constantness could be a beautiful substitute
for  speed.
personal experience: for me when i am using the precious resources of this earth...speed seems to slow down
...washing dishes slowly - this especially gives me a vicarious experience of having fetched the water
from a great distance,
cutting vegetables....this brings up an image of a cook (helper) in a wedding
hall in india, grating the coconuts with a traditional unmechanized as if he were in his own
personal kitchen....with no sense of hurriedness...
and today in the morn while i was giving bath to my 4 yr old to get her ready to school...suddenly i saw her
frowning and asked her why...she said that i was giving her bath too that was an instant reminder for
me...that there is time
also feel that:
when speed is in the very nature of that being...then i guess speed is apt.  the speed
of light, the flapping of a humming bird's wings....and so on; also speed is desired for when it should be
in the nature of that being...especially...speedy justice!

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